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Model 30-700G Tel-A-Tension (AWG 40-28 / Grams Tension 56-620)

Model 30-700G Tel-A-Tension (AWG 40-28 / Grams Tension 56-620)

From $385.00

ALSO KNOWN AS 3000-H. Tension Controller and Monitor

  • High performance tensioning devices show actual tension in grams-continuously displayed during the winding cycle
  • Self-compensating braking system maintains current tension
  • Low inertia assures uniform tension during rapid starts and stops
  • Compact design allows for close spacing in multiple winding setups
  • Inexpensive wear parts assure a long life
  • Model 30-40G (Model 3000-F): AWG #40 to #47
  • Model 30-350G (Model 3000): AWG #31 to #44
  • Model 30-700G (Model 3000-H): AWG #28 to #40

Model 30-700G Specifications:
(previously Model 3000-H)

Size: 5 1/2" high x 9 1/2" long x 1 5/8" wide

Weight-head only: .78 lbs. (.355 kgs.)

Model 30-700G: Tel-A-Tension/Heavy head only

P6: With stand for 6" diameter spool

P12: With stand for 12" diameter spool

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